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I'm still gathering my thoughts because in terms of information overload, the NTI excells. First thoughts are that it's a very worthwhile experience that will humble you. There were four major components that consisted of live fire, sims, partner tactics, and lecture.

Live Fire- Small amount of standards type stuff with bulk being shoot house work with multiple targets (mostly 3D and moving/popping/falling). Generally involved working your way through several rooms to accomplish your goal. Very devious planning that stretched you to the limit.

Sims- They had an entire town built (ATSA Village) that you walked through and got involved in several scenarios. These included a robbery at a store you visited, a robbery in an alley with multiple attackers, and an irate couple who got pretty angry at you. There were several encounters with innocents who acted suspicious but didn't engage.

Partners- Same drill as above. Scenarios included an irate ex-employee who entered the store you visited, several robberies where they tried to seperate you from your partner (scary how easy it is to accomplish that).

Lecture- Conducted by several top names such as Greg Hamilton, John Holschen, Andy Stanford, John Farnam, Chris Dwiggens, Mike Shertz on a variety of topics like car tactics, mental conditioning, surviving your wounds, using gun as impact weapon.

Overall, the most important lessons that were reinforced were to be decisive, move off the line of attack,and the best way to win a fight is to avoid it. Would I reccomend going? You bet but you have to go with an open mind and be ready to accept the fact that you probably aren't quite as well prepared as you think you are.
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