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Rehash: Simple Green and hot water :)

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This is an old subject but worth rehashing again. How many of you use Simple Green and hot water to clean your firearms? There's a lot of false information floating around about utilizing water to clean guns because the fear of rust. However, I believe it's the American Gunsmithing Institute also highly recommends Simple Green and hot water.

At any rate, I use it in an Ultrasonic Cleaner and it's one hell of a degreaser. After using it in the UC, I rinse it thoroughly with hot water. Then it gets baked in the oven for 10 minutes for a thorough drying. Afterwards, the gun gets lubed.
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ArmySon is correct I have the video and they do recomend simple green.I used it on my gold combat and it worked great.Except I noticed that my trigger on the chrome sides started to rust in like the pit marks but you would never see them with your eye until the rust started appearing.Has this happened to anyone else?This is the only part that started to rust on a complete disassembly.And no I didn't let it sit long in the water.
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