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I have heard this on various forums and I am searching for an answer that makes sense. Some pistolsmiths say that in a single stack gun with a ramped barrel is more unreliable than one with an unramped barrel. I understand the need for them in some high pressure cartridges as a safety factor, but no one has yet to quantify why one is more unreliable in a single stack gun. The same smiths will say the ramped barrels are fine in a wide body gun.
I have shot ramped and unramped barrels in both single stack and wide body frames with no reliability issues. Can anyone venture a guess based on mechanical and engineering based reason as to why.
I would think that the bullet feeds and strikes the ramp at the same point and with the two piece ramp must pass over the gap between barrel and frame. Where with a ramped barrel that transition is not there because of the one piece design. Does the ramped barrel cause such a change in feed ramp angle to cause an issue??? Since it brings more metal back to support the case. Thanks to anyone who might have an answer.

I only ask this because a number of people are making this claim without any justification. Is this urban myth?
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