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Okay - This is a beaten subject, but...

Is their any truth to reliability issues concerning 8rd magazines?

I would like to stock-up on magazines - suggestions?

Les Baer 7s or 8s.
Wilson Combat 7s or 8s.

Some have flat/rounded followers, some have plastic/metal followers, etc...

Please help and Happy Shooting, Thunder25
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My personal experience is that the best, most reliable magazine is the 7-round Wilson.
I've used stock colt, MecGar and Wilson. No problems with any of them. Prefer the Wilson though, the plastic follower has a shallow groove that cradles the round. Just seems like the Wilson is smoother and the follower fits better.
T25, I switched to Wilson 7rnd after carrying 8rnders for 15years. The only problem with 8 rnd was a routine failure to slide lock after last round. Never happened with 7rnd.

All that you need to do to win is survive!
Through the course of shooting thousands and thousands of rounds over the last decade, using both 7 and 8 round Wilson Combat mags, I can tell you I have only seen one malfunction that can be attributed to and 8 round mag. That being said, for my personal carry guns I only use Wilson Combat 7 round mags. I simply trust them more. Sacrificing one extra round in favor of a minute reliability edge is a non-issue for me, I know how to change a magazine.
Lot's a personal opinions here, so I guess I will just add mine

I started using Wilson\Rogers mags in 82-83, at that time, they were 7's, I don't recall seeing any 8's show up until later in the 80's.

Wilson's have set the default standard, and are very much considered by many, the Very Best!

Les Baer's latest versions are pretty close copies of the Wilson design.

I have a number of the early Wilson Mag's, and for a long time, only trusted my 7's. With the newer profile lips, and longer base rail, I decided to seriously consider the 8 rounders again...

I am very happy with the 8's. I have not had any reliabilty issues at all...

The Feed Lips modifications did improve feeding of rounds other than Ball, and the longer base rail improved the strength of the base pad with the higher loads when that extra round was installed, and the mag inserted on a "Tactical" reload (Slide Closed).

With any 8 round mag, the most difficult task with be inserting a fully loaded mag into the gun with the slide in Battery. The 7 rounder's slide in easy, the 8's are a bit more tight.

With the 8's, ensure you have fresh Wolff Springs, and check your follower's, and you should not have any problems with locking open on the last round.

Some feel that the Plastic Follower is sweet since it's naturally slick, but prone to wear... Personally, I have not experienced any problems with Wilson followers, but I do wish that they offered a metal follower similar to the Mec-Gar's.

I have cracked lip's on the plastic base plates from over insertion, so for hard use, I do recommend using the metal bases.

Hope that helps...
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Thanks for all the input...

I believe 7 rounders are the future!

Last comment:

With round count established - Whose mags:

Wilson Combat or Les Baer?

Price is fairly close...

Thanks and Happy Shooting, Thunder25
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I have used both Wilson and Baer mags and it is a virtual toss up. They are both excellent. I only load 7 rds in my 8 rnd mags as well. You can't go wrong with either choice.

I am using Mitchell 8round IPSC removeable base magazines and have never had any trouble. They feed flawless and are stainless. and cost me less than the Wilsons.

The Sharpshooter
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