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I bought 500 Sinterfire 155gr. RHFP in .45ACP.

I managed to get 50 test rounds loaded tonight without to many problems.

Using their data I loaded 5.0gr of Vihtavuori N320, they recommend using the powder charge for a 200gr FMJ. Sinterfire date list 1150fps, Vihtavuori manual list 855fps, however that 200gr. bullet.

OAL of 1.21 which was hard to obtain using the Redding Competition Seating Die. I did get the wrong OAL on first four rounds, I used bullet puller, I had to hit a hard surface about 10 to 12 times to get the bullet to come out, I had not even crimped these four rounds.

Crimp .470, I tried to get to fine and it caused three bullets to break off at the neck case, I don't think I did that bad for first time reloading frangible bullets.

I guess the proof will be in the pudding when I find some range time to test the rounds out. Will I have the guts to use my Wilson Combat CQB or Smith & Wesson 1911?

I will see if I can attach some crappy cell phone photos of mistakes.


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