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Need comments on this 'Remington Rand' 1911A1 please.

Marked: UNITED STATES PROPERTY NO. 1028xxx M 1911 A1 U.S. ARMY on the right side of the frame. There is also a faint marking just forward of the pin from the safety which resembles the Ordnance Mark - but it is weak.

The left side of the frame has the intials FJA below the rear portion of the slide stop. Rear of the magazine release is an initial which could be a D or P - it is weakly stamped.

Here's the kicker. When the slide stop is removed the frame beneath it is stamped HING LONG NAPA, CA.

The slide is marked REMINGTON RAND, INC. SYRACUSE, N Y. U S A. on the left side.

There are no apparent markings on the barrel.

Comments please - has anyone encountered the HING LONG NAPA, CA before?

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I am starting to get a complex as a numbers freak.
Gun description makes me assume it is a refinish. As light or faint as ALL the stamps are makes me think it took a phosphate bath. Also, no barrel markings? But, if bought for the money, it will still make a good shooter.
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