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Removable Magwells?

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I am looking to get a magwell for my SA Loaded that is easily removable. I've found 3 that look promising:

Wilson "Speed-Chute" - new MSH + funnel, funnel is easily removed from MSH.
Wilson "Custom Magwell" - Funnel that attaches to grip screw bushings. Requires modifying the grips which looks easy enough.
Clark - Similar to Speed-Chute but uses existing MSH, funnel attaches via replaced retaining pin.

Anyone have any opinions on these, or others I may have missed?


-- Dan
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Depending on what your idea of "easily removable" is, you may want to consider the Ed Brown and S&A magwells. They are integral with the MSH and can be removed and replaced with the regular MSH pretty quickly.

On the Ed Brown, you can just unscrew the magwell from the bottom. Probably similar/identical to the Wilson speed chute that you mention.

On the S&A, you would have to punch out the MSH pin and replace it with the standard MSH.

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I have the Wilson "custom magwell" on three of my 1911's and like them just fine. As you noted, each grip panel must be relieved in order to lay flat, but that's just a few minutes with a Dremel tool.

IME, the magwells have worked just fine. I like the fact that they're easy to install and remove.

Good shooting....Rod.

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I have used the Wilsons.
I like the "Speed Chute" you don't need flat bottom grips like the SA for it to look right and is more compact for carry.
Mine has real nice blue that matched the blue on my gun perfect.:rock:
I don't ever take it off but is only a matter of pushing out the main spring housing pin and removing the well.
With the "Custom Magwell" it takes REAL careful trimming on your panels to get flat to frame without the well being loose on the bushings and when removed you have little slots in the bottom of your grip panels.
I like nice wood on my guns and don't like to modify it so I can move it from gun to gun or put the originals back on to sell and have nice wood for the next one.:biglaugh:

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i bought a Clark for my 1911 colt, the same one you described, looks bad on the weapon, around the MSH area. took it back, bought one from S&A fits prefect, check there site they have many options flat, arched, blued, SS, slim line, you get the idea, i am pleased.:cool:
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