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This is one of those "pay your money, take your chances" choices.

First, the mag safety and magazine may be polished to help smooth the ejection process. However, there are no guarantees. The new mags have a mousetrap spring which is supposed to ease the problem. Can't vouch for that as all my mags are 13 round pre-bans.
Second, from a tactics stand point some saves have been recorded by dropping the magazine and de-activating the pistol. By the same token there are those who at least had a single shot when needed. Personally, I like the idea of being able to shoot one round, if I haven't shot my pistol dry...
Third, from a liability standpoint it should never be an issue. You were either justified in shooting or not. If not, you're toast anyway.
My background is military and none of our military pistols have a magazine disconnect on them. It's nice to have at least a single shot if all else fails, you lose your magazines, or...?
My .02 cents worth based on 20+ years of military service and 10 as a Civilian Instructor.

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