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Reoil Spring in SS Gold Match

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Anyone know what weight spring comes stock in an SS Gold Match? I am planning on carrying Speer 200 grain +P and need to know if stock spring is O.K.
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eljay is correct, the stock spring is 16 lbs and it is not enough for +P ammo, it is barely enough for standard ammo. So if you are planning to use 200 gr +P ammo you should definately upgrade the spring to an 18.5 lb or possibly a 20 lb spring and use a shock buff. Since springs are inexpensive buy one of each from Wolf's Gunsrpings. Install the 20 lb spring and the replacement recoil spring. If your pistol functions properly with the +P ammo you are in good shape. If you have feeding, or ejection, problems install the 18.5 lb spring set.

I hope this helps.


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