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On the Numrich website I found some Colt OEM Aluminum housings for $13.95. Since my Colt LW Commander 9mm has an aluminum alloy frame, I figured an aluminum MSH makes the most sense anyway. Plus it will be as light as the plastic MSH. Seems like the ultimate solution to me for the LW Commander. Plus the current production LW Commanders have vertical lines/serrations on the frontstrap. These OEM Aluminum housings have the same serrations as the front strap. So even more perfect! Oh and they are $13.95 to boot! I picked up a couple.

Colt OEM Aluminum Black Serrated MSH $13.95:

Not sure which MSH I should put on my other two Colt 9mm 1911s. I will probably go with a MSH with magwell for my Competition 9mm, and some steel MSH for my Combat Commander. I prefer the vertical lines/serrations over the 25 dpi checkering. They seem to be harder to find.

Speaking of checkered MSHs, Numrich also has some Colt OEM Reproduction steel MSH with the checkering for $22.95, I may just go that route for my all steel Combat Commander:

If you want a Colt part from Numrich you'd better call and verify before ordering. I've had them ship me a Masen MSH when their online description made it sound like it was a Colt.

For 23 bucks, you're gonna get a Masen. Better ones cost $40 or more.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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