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Replacement Magazines see list..

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Replacement Magazines
-Keystone has just taken on a line of American Made Replacement Magazines.
-These are American Made, metal and come packaged in a Polybag.
-They are guaranteed to function and work or they will be replaced.
-Hopefully we will have the whole list up on our site in the near future, but at first we can offer the following:
M14/M1A Rifle:
.308(20) round blue @ $14.00 each
.308(30) round blue @ $15.50 each
M1 Carbine:
.30 carbine (20) round blue @ $ 14.00 each
.30 carbine (30) round blue @ $ 20.00 each
.30 carbine (40) round blue @ $ 22.00 each
9mm (32) round @ $15.00 each
9mm (50) round @ $18.00 each
.223(20) round @ $ 14.00 each
.223(30) round @ $ 15.00 each
.223(40) round @ $ 17.00 each

-These are all blued finish unless otherwise stated.
-Please add $5.00 Shipping and handling and all state laws prevail. A list of the States that we cannot ship to are on our website. Payment is either check, cash, money orders , Master Card and Visa( no extra for credit cards).

Thank you,

Bob Lippman
Keystone Arms Inc.
E-Mail- [email protected]
Website- http://www.keystonearms.com
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