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I have a pre-wwII colt 1911a1 that I am very happy with, but want to 'fix up' to make it fit and function better. However, I don't want to reduce it's collectors value. One of the things I was thinking of was just buying a new slide to use, rather than having the port lowered and flared, or having the slide cut for new sights. I would want a VERY reliable slide to replace it with, but I am NOT looking to make a 'race gun' out of it. I just want one that works reliably and is 'combat/recreational' accurate.

I have seen a lot of slides available, but the two that seem to stand out [for price reasons] are the Essex and the Colt 70 series. However, will the Colt 70 series work on my frame? Also, how durable is the Essex? If money were no object, I'd just buy another pistol for shooting and keep this for my collection, but I can't afford to shell out more than another $300 for all of this, so I am trying to do the best I can in my price range. Can someone give me some advice about the different slides and their qualities? I am fairly new to 1911's, so I don't know too much yet: but I want to learn.



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I think you'll spend well over 300. with your plan anyway...The slides I've seen are around 150 naked...By the time you add the parts you need, you could have a new "beater" to shoot with...


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In Shotgun News, look at Sarco ads.They are
selling Brazilian military slides for about
$50.They have a really nice crest or
seal or whatever it's called on the rt.
rear.They have the old style round top,which
I like, and have the 1911A1 type sights,
which I replaced with an Entreprise ghost
ring and white dot front.Some work with a
file,some emery cloth and a buffing wheel on
the sides,(being careful to preserve the
military crest),lower and flare the port and it's a great looking slide for cheap.

Don't know about being able to swap slides
back and forth though, since the frame to
slide fit is so critical.

Keep the old gun as is and save for another.

Hey! this is my first post here.Youse guys
got a great forum.Ok,slipping back into
lurk n learn mode.Jeffrey,out.
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