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Replacing Springfield 1911 Novak Sight

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I've got a Springfield 1911A1 with the fixed Novak rear sight. The slide was milled at the factory for the Novak and I am told that nothing else will fit it except another Novak. I am particularly wanting to put an adjustable Bomar on it, but don't know if it can be done because of the machining that is already on the slide. Can anyone offer any options that I might consider?
Thanks for your help.

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The MMC adjustable fits the Novak cut.

I think Heine makes a sight to fit the Novak cut. It is still a fixed sight but has the barn-door sight picture of a Bomar.
Thanks Jim. Have you or anyone else heard anything about Novak coming out with an adjustable rear sight?
Try MMC sights http://www.mmcsight.com/
they are adjustable and I believe fit in the Novack mill.

Another option would be to have Chuck Rogers or George Smith machine a custom base for a Bomar to fit your slide cut. The top part of the Bomar would then be pinned in to the new lower half as the original was. This might fit your slide with no machining or it might require a small amount at the back for the windage drum of the sight. Either could advise you of that requirement. A new base is sometimes done for guns with messed up cuts to save the slide without tricky welding, so I know this could work for you if you really want a Bomar.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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