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I just bought 5 new Colt blued Government Models (new roll marks, barrel throats, etc). I thought I’d share my initial impressions, prep work, functional performance and plans.

2 will be upgraded for Carry / Combat Matches…. The other 3 will be house guns / extras.


= All 5 Guns looked good, straight blend lines, good finish, etc. (very consistent)
= Slide flats uniformly ground, not what you’d call polished (but look fairly attractive)
= Frame finish is matte blue
= No porosity apparent in the external cast parts
= New roll marks are a big improvement over the large “1991A1”
= No dings or scratches (these guns were straight from the distributor, not “counter guns”)
= Sights were centered and straight
= Slide and barrel fits are all impressive, nice and tight… maybe even a little too tight (smile)
= Rail and Lug contact looks good, not just high spot tightness.
= All the guns have the new barrel throating, with nice gap between barrel and feed ramp
= Out of the box triggers were OK, fairly clean for factory series 80 guns


Barrel / Slide units:
= All I did was carefully hand polish the chambers, barrel throats, frame feedramps, and breach faces a tad
with 1500grit-emery cloth, followed by “red rouge” polishing compound.
= Checked / fine-tuned extractor tension, they were pretty good out of the box. I just polished a bit with
the 1500-grit cloth.
= Coated / brushed bores with Wilson oil (I find it helps minimize barrel fouling)
= Replaced recoil springs with 18.5 Wolff's and installed the Ed Brown shock buffs (and HD firing pin

Frame units:
= Polished the mag wells to remove burrs around the trigger grooves, etc.
= Polished all surfaces of the series 80 parts (especially the bearing surfaces)
= Completely striped and polished appropriate surfaces of internals… trigger bows, disconnectors, etc…..
= Installed Videki triggers and Baer steel main spring housings (sorry, I just can’t handle the plastic)

I Then……
= Lubed and assembled with Wilson oil and grease
= Hand cycled with dummy ammo (Hornaday 230 XTP’s) and both Metalform and Wilson mags….. All 5
functioned smooth as silk ! I felt very good about these guns at this point ….


= Winchester white box FMJ
= My target handloads = Rainier 200 SWC @ ~ 850
= My serious use handloads = Hornaday 230 XTP @ ~ 880

= 12 Wilson 47Ds
= 12 Metalform 7rd, with rounded followers
(All mags stock with the exception of polishing the interior of the feed lips)

Functional Performance
= Surprisingly all sights were acceptably regulated to point of impact at 20 yds with the FMJ’s, (but I did
tap 2 of them a hair horizontally to get them right on).
= NO FAILURES to feed, or eject, or lock slide back (I put about 250 rds each through 2 of the guns I’ll
be relying on now…… and only about 50 through the other 3 that will be just put in the safe for now)


Phase 2:
= Replace all critical parts in all 5 guns that are MIM / Cast. (You know the list….)
= Install Wolff springs throughout
= Find 5 sets of select wood grips

Phase 3:
= Send 2 guns off for modifications: (Beavers, Hammers/Trigger Work, Low-Mount Bomars,
De-horn/Hard Chrome, etc., etc.)
= Remaining 3 backup / house guns: Complete Reliability Testing

Molon Labe - Roverman

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Perfect Roverman, you da man. I recently purchased a new rollmarked Colt blued model and replaced the MSH with an arched steel one from Wilson and the trigger with a short Videcki trigger. It's on it's way now to Wilson Combat for a high ride beavertail and armor tuff coating. I liked the fit and feel so much that I've ordered 4 more from the dealer I purchased the first one from. I ordered consecutive serial numbers and he will have them in within the week. Now, I went to the State Police to obtain a Multiple Handgun Purchase Permit as I live in Virginia, received approval within 4 hours and now I'm anxiously awaiting their delivery, it's a pain here to have to ask permission to buy more than one gun from a dealer, but you live with what you have to live with.

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Okay, screw the pics! Who needs to see the new rollmarks anyhow? I mean, WE'VE ONLY BEEN WAITING FOR PICS FOR LIKE A MONTH OR SO.

We didn't even have to wait this long for pics of the Repro!

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Boy!! talk about stealing my thunder,,,,I just recieved my new Defender and was gonna tell everyone about it,,how I had to wait till Friday to shoot it, how great it looks and feels so natural in my hand, and how I plan on replacing the trigger,, and how I can't wait for Friday,,,,and how much lighter is is then that crappy old Llama I had,,and how it "points" so well,,and,,,and,, Oh hell!! enjoy your guns there Roverman.

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The roll mark is rolled on, ala pressed into the metal to make the desired impressions on the slide etc. The "Pony" is also rolled on.

Hope this helps
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