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I just completed my fourth class from the OFA and can recommend it without reservation. You can check them out, along with the credentials of their staff at www.oregonfirearmsacademy.com

Each course I attended was professionally run, and an emphasis on safety was paramount. Classes were challenging, and even with more than 20 years experience LEO/USMC, I can honestly say I learned a great deal. AND, it is an exceptional value for the money.

I participated in the 2 day Glock Course (I know, but it was another opportunity to shoot...a lot!), a one day 'Tune Up' course, a one day Defensive Pistol 1 course, and an 8 hour Low Light / No Light course (which was amazing, and made me a real believer in night sights).

The instructors are cordial and professional. There is no wasted time, and in the Glock Course, I quickly learned that with evey bit of instruction or moving to a new firing point, I had better recharge all my magazines, as the shooting was non-stop for two days. One instructor is a lawyer by trade (a good one...really), another has a medical background, and another a Sergeant on his departments tactical team. They bring a great deal of shooting, legal, and trauma experience to the school.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, you ought to check them out. For the money, you cannot beat it.

Mr. O

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Hey Mr. O!

I've been away from the forums for a while because of work and training and am just catching up on some of the posts and just had to reply to this one and say "HI"!

Actually, If I remember correctly we were in the exact same 4 OFA classes! For sure we were in the Glock class together! I never knew that so much skills work and information taught over those two days could be so much fun!! I agree with you about constantly loading/"topping off" your mags while demos or class "circles" are going on, as the crew at OFA will surely keep things moving right along to minimize any "down time"!

I hope to see you at more classes next year at OFA ! I hear rumors that they're developing even more exciting classes and might possibly be hosting some "guest instructors". I can't wait!

Keep those mags loaded up and I'll see you down at OFA for sure next year!!

-Zippo Joe :cool:
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