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Reverse Plugs and 2 peice guide rods.

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Ok, here is where i'm lost. What is the difference between one piece guide rods, 2 peice guide rods, reverse plugs, I'm realy lost here. I just ordered my slide, it is a commander lenght. Could sombody PLEASE fill me in somwhere on principles of a guide rod? Thanks!

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Hi Addict,
The EGW "melt" bushing doesn't use a reverse plug, a standard one works fine. The Clark "Melt" bushing does, because Clark's melts the front of the reverse plug to match the melt of the bushing.
BTW, I would highly recommend using one of EGW's extended ejectors. The Commander (as Dave Samples mentioned) has less slide travel to the rear than a Government model does. Commander's need longer ejector noses than what are typically offered in most of the "extended" ejectors (they are sized properly for a Gov't mod). When a Commander doesn't have enough ejector nose length, the ejection pattern and direction gets erratic. You'll throw some to the right front, some to the right rear, some back in your face. In other words, it'll throw brass all over the place. Not the end of the world, but it can be avoided.
If you decide to use an EGW ejector, you'll need to shorten the nose to a length that will just let you eject a dummy round through the ejection port.
Good Luck!
John Harrison
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