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Reverse Plugs and 2 peice guide rods.

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Ok, here is where i'm lost. What is the difference between one piece guide rods, 2 peice guide rods, reverse plugs, I'm realy lost here. I just ordered my slide, it is a commander lenght. Could sombody PLEASE fill me in somwhere on principles of a guide rod? Thanks!

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WOW thanks John
where do I send the check

You can use the EGW melt bushing with No guide rod, or a 2 pc rod. (you can do a 1 pc but it is a pain to put in

Some of the slides out there are cut for a reverse plug from the factory so we came out with a bushing reverse plug. (also some comp guns are getting switched back and this makes it easier) it is the caspian style (full round collar) but has a flange on the front, you could use it on a gov. or we can make one (or your favorite Gunsmith can for U )to fit a commander and catch the bushing.

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