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Reverse Plugs and 2 peice guide rods.

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Ok, here is where i'm lost. What is the difference between one piece guide rods, 2 peice guide rods, reverse plugs, I'm realy lost here. I just ordered my slide, it is a commander lenght. Could sombody PLEASE fill me in somwhere on principles of a guide rod? Thanks!

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I love guide rods. They cost money and are a subject for almost endless discussion.I checkered the end of the one in EAGLE1. I do not like them in Commanders, but do not have any valid reason for this.I love shockbuffs but do not like them in Commanders because I feel they limit the already short slide travel.Reverse plugs are indeed for bull barrels and they can be alot of fun.It is an easy recoil system to remove but has to be installed with care. I view commander size 1911's as carry guns and like them pretty much stock.7 yards ,boom, fall down, and don't get up.I carry a 1954 Colt LW Commander.
Hey Dogs! As George mentioned,you have alot of options.The thing to consider is that if you use a reverse plug system, you will have to alter the slide and will have a gap in it if you choose to go back to another system.I think a bull barrel, reverse plug system in a commander would work great,but have never done it.I liked the reverse plug for the Centaurs and 400-Cor Bons because it was very easy to take care of. I also didn't like the recoil system that came with the Centaur barrels. I just put an Ed Brown bull barrel in an older Centaur so it could be a 45ACP and it worked great!
I think eveyrone has some real valid comments.I can chamber a round in my Commander with my right hand. I can also push the front sight against my belt and chamber a round. A table is nice and I have a friend who can chamber a round by slamming his elbow on a bar or table.So.........?We used to practice these things when we were paid gunfighters. I don't have the impression that most of you are in the business of peace keeping. I think most of you view 1911's as high priced toys and that is fine with me.I don't have a way to send you pics, but if I did, I think you would find some of the things I do interesting. I have opinons formed by MY experience and not hearsay.Take me with a grain of salt!I'll see if Don will send some of mine someday. Pistolwrench is upset with me or he could do it.We will find a way!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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