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Review of Randy Cain's Tactical Handgun class

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Just finished Randy's 3 day Tactical Handgun class. Randy is definitely a first class instructor. Not only was he able to diagnose our shooting and help us improve, he taught us how to analyze our own shooting so we can work on improving our skills on our own time.

The class consisted of mostly experienced shooters so we were able to cover a great deal of material and shooting.

If I was asked to name the single most important thing I learned from the class, I'd have to say understanding the importants of the basics (front sight, suprise trigger break, stay on front sights).

We all realize the value of the basics but many, including myself (not anymore) underestimate how important it really is. A more accurate description of the basics really should be the word essentials. Even though we shot at moving targets, shot while moving, in lowlight, with flashlights at covered moving targets...etc, we were able to hit our targets because Randy had drummed the basics into our heads.

If anyone is looking for a handgun training course I could not recommend Randy's class highly enough. Also, because of his modesty, Randy will probably be blushing and kicking his feet from ready this. Don't let his low key manner fool you into thinking he isn't a highly competent instructor.
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Would you please provide contact info. on his class.

You can contact Randy through his website:
Glad to see another Randy Cain convert. Randy does do an excellent job.

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