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RIA 9M 1911

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Looking to add the Rock Island 9mm 1911 to my 9mm collection!
It will be more for paper punching , but depending on function may carry it as a daily !
Right now my carry in my 9mm Shield
Right now no .45 in my group but that may change lol
What is your opinion of the RIA ?
A very low priced gun but most reviews on line seem good.
But first hand comments are better IMO

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I'm really happy with my RIA 9nn but it waa a bit of work to get there. A lot of the final fit is done by hand and has varied widely in the three RIA 1911's I have. My 9mm was in the middle of the road and of the box it could not get through 10 rounds without a hiccup.

"The Colt .45 automatic: A shop manual" by Jerry Kuhnhausen is a great reference, and following his inspection procedures for a new gun is perfect. I wound up following these procedures and the Rock has been 100% reliable since then. Mostly focusing on burrs, tool marks, and high spots on barrel to frame fit. Both the barrel and frame had high rough spots that needed to get knocked down with a stone:

I also hit high spots on the inside of the dustcover, the breach face, and the slide stop to reduce friction and wear. All that made the action buttery smooth. While I was in there, I polished the trigger bow & channels, put in a reduced power recoil spring and increased power hammer spring.

That made it run like a champ! I latwr added better sights, tac hammer & grip safety and it is now my go to 9mm for fun/recreation. Here it is after ~3,000 rounds.

I've always said if it ain't broke don't fix it. my RIA 45acp ran fine right out of the box. I keep it clean and lube the slide rail with a high tec lube from Brownells.
I've this same firearm. There was a time when I didn't care for 1911s (for no particular reason), until I went to a gun store looking for a Sig P220. They had a bunch of 1911s and when I handled one, I was like dammmmmmnnnn. I ended up buying the RIA Tac II 9mm shortly afterward.

They no longer sell the Tac II as a product, but I believe they just changed the product name to Rock Ultra.

I started shooting it a LOT last year and I'm currently at 590 rounds (I've been trying to share time between five 1911s). 45ACP got a lot more expensive and more difficult to find when COVID hit, so I switched to the 9mm (and 22TCM - it was super easy to find that ammo and it was cheaper than 9mm too). I'm actually carrying it AIWB and bought new gear to carry a 1911 in appendix position.

This 1911 is looser in fitment than my other 1911s, but it flat-out doesn't choke on ammo. One huge bonus is that I can shoot this gun very well. I shoot my 45ACP 1911s well but it's different with 9mm 1911s, IMO. My follow-up shots are super quick when compared to 45ACP 1911s, and I'm way more accurate. I can carry a bit more ammo too. It's one of the main reasons for switching to 9mm...I shot it better than my 45ACP 1911s and it felt more natural for me.

I want a double-stacked 9mm MS now (can't find them).
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I have the Tac Ultra A2 in 9mm and intend to turn it into a competition gun......anyways in stock form I wondered would it run 147gr ammo so on Sat I ran 3 consistent mags (17rd) rapid fire through it at 10-12 yds and it ran flawlessly.....my first 2 rds were in the same hole and the rest were well within the A zone on the target. All I did was polish the feed ramp and a light fluff and buff....I also ran 124gr mags rapid fire through it with zero issues. My buddy shot 7 rds rapid fire head shots and they were all touching.......great accuracy and function....it is heavy though. Next step is slide cut for SRO, window cut in slide top and cerakote. I installed the EGW lightened hammer ignition kit (sear/hammer/main spring) yesterday and tuned the trigger, blended the magwell and installed skater tape tucked under the grips on the front strap....happy so far and my double taps are much faster...
I've had this 9mm for many years, not a single problem.
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I have a basic, military type model with a ramped barrel. Got it on special before covid. I think I got it for $270 which was a good buy then and now. The factory magazine was not so good, but Wilson Mags made it run 100%.
I have a 9mm RIA 1911. Its my primary IDPA gun. No problems in matches whatsoever. I had it worked over by Arnel and Sean Fairbairn over at RIA in NV.
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I've always said if it ain't broke don't fix it. my RIA 45acp ran fine right out of the box. I keep it clean and lube the slide rail with a high tec lube from Brownells.
I totally agree with the 'don't fix what ain't broke' sentiment. I just have not had good luck with RIA out of the box.

The 1911 is an extremely stout and reliable design. An in-spec 1911 will be reliable with a wide range of ammo from double tap hollow points to the cheapest lax reloads. I hear folks all the time saying a troubled 1911 needs a 'break-in period' or is 'finicky about ammo'. Those phrases are cute ways of saying the gun is out of spec. With patience and attention to detail, those guns can be made reliable in short order without blowing cash on piles of ammo or fancy lube.

Since all of my RIA 1911's have been out of spec NIB, I thought I'd share what I do to make them reliable. Hopefully my earlier post will save others from a bit of aggravation and expense.
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