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RIA Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm (51679) - first shots

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I received a new Rock Island Armory (Armscor) Tac Ultra FS HC 9mm almost 3 weeks ago. Model 51679. I finally got to shoot it today. I used the mag that came with it plus 4 additional mags that appear to be identical to the factory mag, which I got from Advanced Tactical. I mention that because I had read a number of posts where the mags for this pistol were hard-to-impossible to find. I reckon that must have changed... But I digress...

I stripped it and lubed it good when I put it back together, then took it out to shoot.

Out of the box, the slide cycles VERY smoothly. It is SLICK. Slide to frame fit is pretty tight, but not $5000 custom gun tight. I can wiggle it just a tiny bit. But the barrel fit to the slide is very tight. No wiggle in the bushing or at the breech when locked up.

I put about 200 rounds through it today and had exactly zero issues of any type. I shot 100 rounds of Igman 124gr FMJ and 100 rounds of cheap remanufactured 115gr FMJ. The gun ate it all without a hiccup and was very accurate.

After all that, I just measured the trigger pull. 4 # 12oz, on a 5-pull average from my Wheeler digital gauge.

The trigger is very nice. Short takeup, very clean break, and very short reset. As you'd expect from any quality, mass-produced 1911. I want it to be lighter, but otherwise, the trigger is very good.

I know some won't like the fact that the adjustable rear sight has white dots. That didn't bother me and the green fiber optic front was very easy to pick up.

The gun is definitely a CHUNK. I mean, it is heavy. And fat. I'm 6' 1" and have large-ish hands. I liked it just fine, but someone with smaller hands may or may not. But, with all that weight, the gun is VERY pleasant to shoot and controllable.

One thing I thought was kinda funny is the mags. They say the mags are 17 rounds. But, it appeared that they are actually 18. It has holes on the back of the mag. I was able to fit 18 rounds in all of them and the last hole at the bottom of the mag did not show a round in the hole until it had 18 in it. The gun had no issues feeding, even from a mag with 18 in it, so.... not really sure why they advertise it as 17+1 capacity.

I got Taylor Freelance +4 base pads for all my mags. 22 rounds per should be nice!

I'll be ordering a holster and I think this will be my new USPSA Limited gun. I am looking forward to that!
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It is possible to cram in enough rounds that there is not enough slack to load under a closed slide for a +1 start or speed reload. Or maybe just little enough slack that it takes a hard push to seat, which can cause a blown reload when you are in a hurry.

You will find out soon, before a match, preferably.
I am very well aware of that. When I shoot matches, I always load mags to capacity less 1.

Knowing these Rock mags will hold 22 means that, for matches, I expect to feel comfortable using them with 21 loaded in each. Just like I have been with my Canik 18 round mags and +4 base pads.

But, it IS nice going to the start with 1 mag loaded all the way full, so I can chamber the first round, before the buzzer, straight from the mag, instead of loading 1 round from a Barney mag and then changing mags to a "full" one.
I finally got my Rock out to the range yesterday to shoot it for the first time since I worked on the trigger.

I only put 20 rounds through it. It was not my top priority for yesterday's range session. But, it functioned flawlessly.

I picked up a new Canik Rival-S yesterday, which I will probably shoot in this weekend's USPSA match, so shooting that was my priority. The Rival-S is a nice upgrade from the Rival I have been shooting in USPSA. The Rival-S' steel frame tames a great-shooting gun down to be even better.

But, I have to say that the Rock shot even a little bit better than the Rival-S. I am VERY pleased with the Rock.
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