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I'm looking for a new slug-gun for hunting whitetail, ideally full rifled barrel for 2.75"- 3" sabots.

I'm coming up blank, I really like a few guns I've seen but they're not exactly what I want.... i.e.

Remington's Model 11-87 Premier LC L-H http://www.remington.com/firearms/s.../1187PRLCLH.HTM
Rifled barrels are not an option. I wish they made the Model 11-87 Premier Cantilever Deer in a left hand, that would be perfect.

Ithaca's Deerslayer® II http://www.ithacagun.com/store/newguns/deerslayer.html
It's a Pump, not an auto. Although the shells eject down, so it is an option.

The 11-87 is what I want, I looked to Hastings (horrible website) and thought I had found the answer. Unfortunately, I then noticed that I could buy another barrel right from Remington. Then I noticed that Remington's barrels are notated if they are lefty. Which leads me to believe that the left and right barrels aren't interchangeable. Hastings does not list any LH barrels, I emailed them to confirm.

Remington offers one Premier Left-Hand Deer Barrel. Again, unfortunately;

#1- It has rifle sights, not a Cantilever style.
#2- It is not fully rifled, just a rifled choke.
#3- "These Model 11-87 12ga. barrels are not equipped with a pressure compensation gas system. Target barrels are intended for use with target ammunition only (3-1/4 dr. powder, 1-1/4 oz. lead shot - max.)"

I don't understand #3, why would you make a "Deer Barrel" that can't handle hunting loads?

A few more questions;
How much better is fully rifled vs. a rifled choke?
Is an "aftermarket" barrel (i.e. Hastings,...) any better than the factory?

I really wanted this gun to be an auto, I never really loved a pump. Maybe I'll just get the Model 11-87 Premier Cantilever Deer, and shoot right-handed.

Can someone help me here? Any ideas?

Sorry for the long post, I know they're hard on the eyes/brain.


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Why do you NEED a lefty gun? I'm a lefty and have never had a problem with any righty gun. Sure the brass sometimes hits my collar, but no biggie. I've shot several auto shotguns (not an 11-87 though) and never had any that bothered me. I've long since given up on having the prejudiced gun industry level the field for us lefties. Is there some particular reason for the lefty requirement? LAter.

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You're right, I probably don't NEED a lefty gun, I just want one really bad. ;)

I have an 1100 and the shell sometimes hits me in the face/ear, but as I was sighting in magnum slugs I was also getting an uncomfortable amount of gasses in my face and eye area which induced flinching. I have put a shell catcher on the 1100, but it doesn't help with the gas blast.

But I have somewhat solved by problem with an;

Browning A-Bolt Hunter Slug Gun / fully rifled

this has been on my wish list for a while, just won the bid on GunBroker.com

I also received a clarification from Remmington;
"The deer barrels are not target barrels. The orfice holes in the deer barrels are drilled to shoot the heavy field and magnum loads. The target barrels are only for light loads(1 1/8 oz.lead shot or lower).
We do manufacture an 1187 deer barrel, left hand, 12 ga., 21", with rifle sights and removeable choke tubes. This barrel you use the heavy loads, and use the improved cylinder choke tube for lead slugs."

The * that denoted the LH Deer barrel as a target barrels (only for light loads) is a typo on their website. :(

My next "LEFTY" pursuit is a fully left handed Randall, again I don't really NEED one, I just want one really bad.:D

I see one just came up on GunsAmerica #976204063, but at $1,400.00 it will have to stay on my wish list for a while. :(
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