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Hi Guys,

Because I just acquired a high velocity rifle, a neighbor offered me a full box of bullets for it. HE said they were unsuitable for his rifle because of the twist. I didn't think much of it at the time, but since then have done some research. It looks like a I got a good deal, as the twist in my new rifle is matched for this weight.

But carrying the thinking further, I decided to look up my 1911 .45. The table states that the optimum twist is 1-16 for all bullet weights. Now, I have a Kimber Eclipse Pro ll....4" barrel....and I have no idea of the twist. Will measure it out tomorrow. Have also found that most gun manufacturers don't necessarily state the twist, either in the manal or on the web. Guess I'm gonna just have to measure the rest of my gun as well.

Assuming the URL below is correct, I was just wondering how many of us actually know what the twist of our weapons actually is?

Be Safe,


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