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Rob Leatham, top-ranked pistol competitor and Springfield Armory professional shooter/director of product development and spokesperson, will extend his expertise, coaching and shooting tips to the viewers of American Shooter Television during its upcoming 2001 broadcast season.
Beginning with its July 7 season premier, American Shooter Television with Jim Scoutten will be celebrating its ninth year on the air. The show appears Saturday evenings on the TNN network.
Among his many competitive victories and titles, Leatham is a 10-time USPSA National Champion, 3-time IPSC World Champion and 3-time IDPA National Champion. In addition to his full schedule of competition, training and consulting, Leatham is in high demand as an instructor for US Navy Seals Teams, special forces, law enforcement as well as conducting shooting classes for civilians. “Every other week, Rob will teach the skills that will improve your shooting,” said show host Jim Scoutten. “Then on the Internet www.americanshooter.com, we’ll post the transcript of what he’s shown us on television, so you can print it out, take it to the range and practice each lesson.
Some of the basic subjects to be covered by Leatham will include safety, grip, stance, the draw, sighting and trigger control. More advanced training will incorporate the themes of building speed, mag changes, shooting on the move, and the strategy of shooting a stage. Specific tips for the various shooting disciplines will include IPSC, IDPA, Bianchi, Steel and Bullseye.
“You should have your VCR ready to catch each lesson tape, print the transcript, practice and you will become a far better shooter by the end of this season,” Scoutten said. For a complete American Shooter schedule, log-on to: (www.americanshooter.com/Show_Schedule/show_schedule.html).

Rob Leatham Abbreviated Resume
2001 Single Stack Classic Match Champion
2000 Bianchi Cup Stock Champion
2000 Single Stack Classic Match Winner
2000 USPSA Limited Nationals Champion
2000 IDPA Custom Defensive Pistol Champion
1999 Single Stack Classic Match Champion
1999 Sportmen’s Team Challenge Winner
1998 Steel Challenge Stock World Champion
10-Time USPSA National Champion
7-Time Single Stack Classic Champion
3-Time IDPA National Champion
3-Time IPSC World Champion
1985 Triple Crown Winner
(Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, IPSC Nationals)

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I was at Ducks Unlimited's Memphis show last year and when I stopped by the SA booth, this bearded guy with "Rob" on his shirt took me to the range to let me try out the Professional Model. I had no idea who he was at the time. Fortunately, he didn't comment on my shooting prowess.
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