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ROBAR custom work

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I've read a lot about their finishes here (NP3 and Roguard) but how about their gun work? I'm considering getting a basic Colt and sending it off for the "Combat Master" package, but other than their work on rifles, I know next to nothing. My alternative is to just go and get a Wilson CQB.

As an afterthought, would such a pistol (the ROBAR) be allowed for IDPA?
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Sorry,I don't have first hand knowledge of Robar's work,but have visited their websight and admired the 1911 types they show there.That Combat Master is beautiful and I have thought about having them do work myself.

The reason I responded is because I have asked this very question here,on Gun Broker forum,Guns and Ammo forum,and Pistolsmith.com and have never gotten a response about the quality of Robar's 1911 skills,so you might have a hard time getting feedback.Seems like everyone rates their rifle and plating work as first class,so thats encouraging.

Maybe the best way is to go ahead and call them yourself and ask lots of questions.This way at least you'll find out if they know what they're talking about as far as 1911's are concerned(If you've hung out here awhile I'm sure you have a good base of knowledge)and also how willing and helpfull they might be.Ask for some customer references you might contact.

Hope this helps,Byron
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Well, I e-mailed ROBAR (my employers might frown on long-distance phone calls!
) and it took them forever to get back to me. They sent me a price list and a few helpful suggestions. I did see one post to another question (Non-gun related topics board, I think the thread says "Robar custom work and 1911 food-chain") that said awhile back their prices were high and quality low. I also heard (in the Gunsmithing section) that some had problems with NP3 chipping or flaking off. I dunno, I think I may just stick with getting a Wilson. I've yet to see or hear many bad things about them. I called Wilson the other day, and their service was first rate. The Master Dealer here in WV seemed pretty good to. We'll see....
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While I have never had any 1911 work done by ROBAR, I have had Glock work done (2 each beavertails installed G-22, G-17). I have had several AR/M4 bolt carriers groups coated with NP3. I have also had trigger groups (hammer, selector, disconnector, pins etc) and charging handles coated with NP3. The NP3 has worked great. It is easy to clean, protects from rust, and makes the parts operate smooth and slick. This allows minimum lube use in desert environments. I have also fired several of his sniper rifles (not my personal weapons) and they were high quality tools in accuracy as well as function. As to the NP3 pealing, I have not seen this on my weapons even after thousands of rounds over several years. I believe only way that stuff could peal is if it was not applied to a properly prepared surface or if it is not applied to the correct thickness. If it does peal make sure and send it back as it is guaranteed by ROBAR.
Hope this helps.
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