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Robar Kahr, Robar problem?

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I just had my Kahr K40 Covert refinished by Robar. They applied Roguard to the slide and NP3 to the frame - very nice looking work. However, the slide won't go into battery after each shot!! Never had any feeding/action problems before until now. It also needs "a push" to close the slide on an empty chamber. The spring still seems strong.
Before I call Robar on Monday, does anyone have any idea why this happened?
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I refinished the frame of my K40 covert with a spray finish from Brownells. The kahr is pretty tight in the slide rails and the additional thickness of the finish cause some problems as you described. After hand cycling the slide a hundred times or so, the finish was worn on the slide rails and the gun functioned 100% afterwards. It will probably loosen up, but if not I'm sure robar will help you out.

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