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I recently got the opportunity to pick up a pristine used RIA .45 from a local gun shop, and since I've been intending to get one for a while, I pounced.

The gun is really clean, no rattles, really tight, mags drop free easily, the trigger is very nice with a light snappy let-off. The pistol has only a couple of minor blemishes on the finish of the slide, otherwise it looks brand NEW.

Took my new toy to the range to try it out and needless to say, I was IMPRESSED. The pistol was like an unstoppable bulldozer... just keep feeding it ammo and it chews it up and asks for more! I put over 150 rounds of various hardball through it, from PMC and Blazer Brass to Blazer aluminums and not a hiccup... I couldn't get the thing to fail at ALL! :cool:

Its very accurate too... Even with the little GI sights I had several 5 shot strings at 15 yards with two or three holes touching and 2 or 3 flyers 1" to 2" away from the others. I bet the gun would shoot really well for someone with a higher skill level as it clearly can shoot better than I can hold.

My first experience with RIA has been a very positive one to say the least!

I'm planning a return trip to the range soon so it can ravage its way through some more ammo! :eek:
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