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Rogers Precision is First Class

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I wanted to make sure that Chuck Rogers of Rogers Precision down in Arizona got a BIG “attaboy.”

Chuck installed a set of Novaks w/ Trijicon inserts on my duty weapon. Chuck suggested some slight modifications that he believed would make the sights faster and easier to use.
Boy, howdy, he sure wasn’t kidding.

Aside from the fact that the installation is first class and I mean first class, my gun is perfectly indexed to point of aim and the sights are FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAST!! All of this was accomplished by sending him the slide only, thus saving me big bucks in shipping cost.

Thanks for an OUTSTANDING job Chuck!
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I'll second that! I sent Chuck my STI frame and slide for sight installation and some other milling work. He did an outstanding job. He was able to take my drawings of how I wanted my sights installed and came up with some really beautiful milling work. I recommend Rogers Precision wholeheartedly. Here's just a couple of examples of his work on my project.

more here:

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Does Chuck have a website that I could look at?
Thanks for the kind words!
Sorry, no website but many pics of my work can be found here:

Be sure to 'double expand' the pics of interest. The resolution gets much better on the 2nd expansion!

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two!

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Forumites, as a friend and fellow 'smith, I have to say that Chuck's work is absolutely second to none. He has helped me many times over the almost 10 years that I've known him, and any time I had to have Chuck do something for me that I didn't have the machines or capability to do, it was always done perfectly. Chuck is one of those rare guys who you can send something to have done, and when it returns, you just know it will be flawless without looking at it. Not only that, but Chucks honesty is without question - and he's a nice guy too!

Don Williams www.theactionworks.com www.pickagrip.com
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