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Roll Marks and Etching

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You've all seen em. Beautiful slides/frames whatever, that is an eye sore due to the roll marks or etching. Unfortunately, not everybody believes simple is better.

My Les Baer frame came with 45 ACP stamped on the slide. DOH! Like I don't know what caliber gun I just bought. If that wasn't bad enough, their etching method is very poor and uneven.

So... with the help of Metal Smith and his surface grinder, we decided to remove the 45 ACP etching!

We started off with an indicator to be sure the drop off isn’t too severe. If the marks are too deep, then you’re SOL.

The surface grinder and Metal Smith did 75% of the work. Afterwards, I had to finish the rest by hand using a file and 320 grit paper.

Being an idiot, I forgot to take a picture of the completed slide but will do so the next time I’m at Metal Smith’s shop.


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I originaly wanted to remove the Baer Custom etching too but Pete talked me out of it. This way, if I ever decide to sell the gun, the Baer logo will have a higher resell value (even though the only thing left from Baer is the frame/slide and small parts). However, those that buy guns strictly for the name sadly won't even realize that they're getting a far superior 1911 then what the name entails.


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This has been one of my biggest complaints for years - manufacturers that use the slide flats like they are some kind of billboard. I would actually prefer NO markings at all on the flats.

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Slide looks good. Son

I know the manufacturers and custom shops do some kind of name on the guns for saying who made it.

Ed Brown does offer a slide with no etching on it. There may be others out there.

The vast majority of buyers want the builder or maker on the gun. Reasons vary but the buyers demand for the makers name far exceeds those who do not want it.

But a clean slide with no front cocking serrations is very desirable in my opinion but I am not the majority of the buying public. I am the minority.

Hope this helps.

Be safe and keep the brass flying

Terry Peters


Do your research but you get what you pay for front end or back end.

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I don't mind if the maker of the gun etches their name or logo onto the slide. You gotta give credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately, some companies go overboard (ie Ruger).

If you're ever out in the woods waiting on a a deer and get board, read your Ruger
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