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I have a few holsters to show you guys. These are from Ron Graham. I think that they are the best bang for the buck.

Most of the following rigs are made for the guns below. Also if you don't see your firearm below send me a line we can do most.

Colt 1911 and variants, standard and large frame Glocks, SIG 220/225/226/228/229/239/2340, SIG/Mauser M-2, H&K USP/USPC, Beretta 92/96/9000S, Browning Hi-Power 9/40, Ruger P-89/90/97, S&W 39/3913/59/910/410, Kahr K-9/40, Kel Tec P-11/40, Steyr M and S series, Mag Research Baby Eagle, HS 2000, CZ 75/83 and Walther P-99.

Both of the belt slides are great for range and colder weather where a cover garmentis worn.

The Model 4 & 4X

The 4 is more of a straight drop and the 4X has a forward rake to it both are quality rigs I have a 4X for 1911's and love it.

Price for the Model 4 and 4X $30.00 & 40.00 respectively

A few IWB's for you to tak a gander at:

The Falcon

Falcon IWB smooth leather holster with doweled sight track and 1 1/2" snap loop. $45.00
The Dakota

Dakota IWB has a stitched belt loop for increased security and a full sweat shield. $45.00
MAGAZINE CARRIERS Matching high ride magazine carriers in single and double.Single $15.00 ea. or $10.00 ea. with holster purchase.
Double $20.00 ea


Let me know if you need anything,

Be safe and have fun,


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