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Paladin mentioned, in another thread, the Alessi pocket holster he had just received for his Seecamp. I know that Lou makes a dandy pocket holster, having used one for a Beretta 21 for a good while. I have just had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of another nifty pocket holster, Ron Graham's pocket cookie.

Ron made my cookie for the Colt Mustang and it is excellent in design, materials, and workmanship. Done up in cowhide with shark trim, with a full shark pocket mag pouch, it looks just like the outfit for the NAA Guardian shown at http://www.grahamscustomgunleather.bigstep.com/generic.html;$sess ionid$0ZC2FVAAABHGPWGIHUVHBMWYZA4S1PX0?pid=1

The stitching is tight and straight. The boning is appropriate and not overdone. The edge finish is as good as I've seen.

I plan to work with the holster and may even retire my beloved "milk-jug plastic & duct tape" rig
. I'm going to have to work up a reasonable emergency load technique with the pocket mag pouch. The magazine simply slips into the pouch. This protects it from pocket lint and keeps the topmost round in place. I'll need to work out a way to strip the pouch off the extra mag, quickly, while still holding a slide-locked pistol in my strong hand. I'm not ruling out using my teeth. After all, those sharks seem to be biting people with increasing regularity, so I might as well return the favor...if only symbolically.

All kidding aside, this is well-made and well designed leather gear.


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