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I have a SA 1911 Lightweight Operator with the feed ramp built onto the barrel. Ammo is 230gn RN plated from Xtreme with 4.6gns of WST pushing it. Twice now with a full mag I have had the first round get stuck half way out of the mag. Slide does not close and the gun jams up.

To clear it I have had to gently pull the round back into the mag with a screw driver after locking the slide back. Mag is a Kimber 8 round mag. I have replaced the recoil spring a couple times over the last couple of years with a 16 lb Wolf. Going to order a new one from them to see if this cures the problem.

Gun is always cleaned after every range session and has had about 4k rounds through it. Next time out I will mark each mag with a number on it to track any jams to a mag.

Just wondering if any of you guys have any words of wisdom on what I should watch for.
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