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Round in front of Extractor

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I have a used (broke in) Kimber Pro Shadow LE II. I have had 2 occassions where the last round in the magazine chambered in front of the extractor which prevented the slide returning to battery. The magazines I use are Wilson 47D and have less than 500 rounds run through them. The first occurance happened when my daughter was firing th eKimber, and the second time happened to me on different trip to the range. I do not know what the round count is for the Kimber. I have plans to replace the springs in the pistol. Is this out of sequence chambering the result of a weak recoil spring?
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It will take patience

to figure out what the problem is. Kimber's with the external extractor have exhibited a tendency toward problems (understatement). The failure to extract and eject is a too common complaint. The failure to feed the next round is another potential fault of the extractor.

Sending it back to Kimber may be your only option. I'm not familiar with the model you have but with the "Pro" designation, it must be a 4" barrel. The shorter barrel pistols seem to be the most likely to have these problems.

Do a search on "fte" "extractor" "failure to feed" etc. will yield some reading for you.
Sorry, forgot to mention this pistol has an internal extractor.
Try a 7 round flat dimpled follower magazine.

Try a 7 round flat dimpled follower magazine.

This is a known issue lo these many years and many people think they got it right in the early days. The dimpled follower is said to help position the last round just so for the controlled feed Browning designed into the pistol.

I use 47D magazines myself - they shipped with my own Wilson and I bought a dozen more - but I don't kid myself they are the be-all and end-all for the 1911. If the gun works with the original design from the days when Mr. Browning was alive then the gun is doing right and folks should do right by the gun.
I think internal extractor is better but,

I have a new Kimber I'm trying to fix. The gun jams after an extended period of shooting (like an IPSC match). The spent casing gets stuck really tight in the extractor (internal).

My current theory is that the extractor needs to be held more snugly in its tunnel. The firing pin stop in my gun is also a pretty loose fit. I thinking that the extractor may be rotating a very small amount, but enough to be canted so that the rim of the casing is lodged in the extractor's lip to tight for the ejector to overcome.

The only point here is that if it were able to rotate between an ejection and next round load, it might not be able to ride over the new rounds case rim. But if it is always the last round in the magazine, the ejector may not have anything to do with the problem.
I checked the tension, or clearance of the extractor and the breech face. I compared the Kimber to my Springfield. The Kimber was holding the dummy round much tighter than the Springfield did. So, I adjusted the tension of the extractor to match the Sringfield. I will post the results of my next trip to the range.
I have this kind of problem on my SA champ as well. However, it does not happen on the last round. Please let us know if loosening the extractor will fix that.

With mags with smooth followers the last round can slide foward during recoil and get in front of the extractor, most of the time it simply pushes it into the chamber and the extractor snaps over it ( eventually breaking it ), sometimes it gets loose and jams. Use mags with dimples on the followers.
<><> I had the exact same thing
happen to me with a Kimber (internal
extractor) and a Colt...

I replaced the recoil spring in both
guns and have not had anymore


<><> Raspy <><>
Range Report

I had a chance to try the Kimber this afternoon. Out of 7 magazines loaded with varying round counts and both ball and hollow point ammo. The Kimber never had an issue. It ate up averything I fed it. I have not changed any springs, the only thing I did was adjust the extractor. I used the same Wilson magazines I was using when the malfunction occured. Flawless performance. I will change springs and fire anoither few hundred rounds before it goes into rptation as a carry gun.
<><> I think Kimber recomends changing
the recoil spring on their 4" models at
700-800 rounds...

They made me a believer...

I've also heard of folks getting a higher
round count out of their springs,,, didn't
work for me...

The weird thing with mine was that it
only did it some of the time---which is
not a good thing on a carry gun...


<><> Raspy <><>
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