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RRA Delivery Schedule

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In late December 2004 my local dealer placed an order for an LM and was promised delivery in 4 to 6 months. Since it's now been nearly 8 months he called for a status and new estimated delivery date a week ago today. He was told that they are "way behind" but would call back with a new estimated date. When he didn't hear from them after 3 days he tried again and was told that they still hadn't come up with a new promise date but would call when they did. To date he still hasn't heard from them. :bawling:

If anyone has recent experience with, or can comment on RRA's delivery schedule I'd appreciate a post.

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From my looking for a Limited Match this past week I've found that there are a couple EC's and Basic LM's floating around out there. I don't quite understand how that is when I read of so many people waiting for their own guns to be built.
My point was that if you read this board it seems the only way to get a RRA today is to order one and wait 6 months or more. That's the impression I was under until I started digging around. I can certainly understand the desire to own one, mine arrives at my FFL tomorrow.
I'm guessing Limited Match.
Yes, I'm the guy who tried to pry that really neat LM with the extra EC slide away from you. That really is a unique piece, I wish it were residing in my safe. :D If the Rock River is anything like I expect it to be I'm sure I'll be contacting you about another one in the not too distant future.

BTW- thanks for the information you share on this board, it really has made learning about their product line very easy and enjoyable.
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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