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I ordered a EC 5" in April. I added the optional Black T Finish. In May I called to see if it would be to late to change the front strap checkering to 30lpi instead of 25 as I had finally gotten the chance to compare the two. I even said if it would delay anything not to worry about it as I'll love it either way. I was told a frame hadn't been assigned to me or something so it was no problem. I called late August just to get an idea of where they were at. I was told my gun had amost been ready to send off for the finishing but then they had to start over when I requested the change in May :hrm: . Oh well hopefully I'll hear from them soon.

It's really no big deal as I just started Dental School and literally have next to no free time anyways. The fall semester is 25.5 hrs of credit. Still I hope to hold it soon.
1 - 1 of 32 Posts
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