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RRA Photo Thread?

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I've noticed that most manufacturer sections have a photo thread for their respective brands. Would some of you RRA owners post pictures of your pistols? I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy looking at them.
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New RRA 1911 Carry Pistol

I recently added a RRA 1911 Carry Pistol to my 1911 collection. Waited 8 months to get it; RRA says Trijicon installing the night sights was the holdup. Anyway, the RRA authorized dealer kept me up-to-date. It was worth the wait.

I have been to the range once, and so far, I really like this handgun. Extremely well made, very tight, and shoots well. Attached pic shows 15 yard group. Shoots a little low, but with practice, I'll overcome that.

My 1911 collection now consists of:
4 Colts
5 Kimbers
2 Rugers (1 in 45acp, the other in 9mm)
1 Browning
1 Rock River Arms

I am lusting after a Colt Competition in either 9mm, or 38 super. Probably 38 Super cause that caliber is on my bucket list.


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1 - 1 of 134 Posts
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