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RRA Photo Thread?

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I've noticed that most manufacturer sections have a photo thread for their respective brands. Would some of you RRA owners post pictures of your pistols? I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy looking at them.
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I just saw a youtube video interview with RRA, during the 2014 shot show. They were talking about their polymer 1911. Towards the end they said, they still had a small number of steel frame 1911s, call your local dealer to order one. Order a steel built 1911, that is.

Like I said, never say, never. I did not know they have been building their old 1911s throughout the years, only in small numbers.
They're only building Wadcutters, Hardballers, and rail guns. None of the other models are available. :bawling:
1 - 1 of 134 Posts
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