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RRA Photo Thread?

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I've noticed that most manufacturer sections have a photo thread for their respective brands. Would some of you RRA owners post pictures of your pistols? I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy looking at them.
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If you look at page 1 you'll see my EC's which have serial numbers within 50 of drdfletcher's gun, and mine are high cut. I ordered them around 2000, took delivery in 2001 IIRC. At any rate I have the high cut and they did not ask me if I wanted anything different.

May have been part of the standard hardballer package (traditional undercut), or may have been by request, I don't know. But my EC guns built at about the same time have the high cut.
There has got to be some more RRA 1911's out there. Anybody got an elite commando or full size they want to sell?
I seem to recognize that super nice looking limited match.
I just took my RRA tactical to wilson combat today for a coat of black armor tuff and a speed chute magwell installation. Ill post some pics when it gets back.
Anybody want? Fullsize, no-ambi cut, never used.
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Those are awesome! How much are you asking for them. PM on the way.

ETA: Picture Thread

Elite Commando wearing its new pants.
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Just got my tactical back from wilson combat. Had it sprayed in black armor tuff and a speed chute mag well installed. Looks beautiful.

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Here's my two RRA's. :)

Basic Carry

And Elite Operator II AR :)

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Elite Commando w/o slide markings

It's such a nice pistol!!!

RRA Elite Commando, Commander length,
.45 ACP without any slide markings.
Slide play_none
Finish_plasma coated
Sights_10-8 night sights (replacement for Novak)
Barrel_ KART
What a pity that it's not in production anymore.

Keep on shooting!!!


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I agree. It is a pity they don't make 1911's anymore. They were well built guns. I guess there is more profit in turning out AR's, which they also do a pretty darn good job of. I snagged my 2 1911's used through Gander Mountain, after they stopped making them. Glad I had that opportunity.
Joe Chambers tuned this RRA Hardball gun for me, including:
- New Kart NM barrel and bushing
- Harrison Design retro ignition set with C&S TM strut and first-rate trigger job
- Greider solid medium trigger
- New front sight (impeccably fit)
- Hand checkered MSH with integral lanyard loop
- Marvel disco slot
- Blended rear of slide
- Carry bevel
- Re-finished blue (beautifully executed)
- Nitre blue small parts

I couldn't be happier with how it turned out. Mr. Chambers impressed me with his attention to detail and his professionalism. He was truly a pleasure to work with.

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RRA Pics

Guess it's time for me to play. Here is a pic of my Basic Carry and Tactical.


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Rock River Tactical

Here is my Tactical with the Hard Hat treatment by Dave Severns and a round heel also by Dave. The grips are Ahrends tactical.

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