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Rubber grips for PO?

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I'm looking for rubber grips for my P16-40. The ones that are stock are plastic and get slippery afer sweating in the Florida heat. I like the rubber grips that are on my Kimber Custom stainless. Are there any rubber grips available for the P16-40? Thanks in advance.
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www.brownells.com carries Hogue grips. I believe that the rubber grips they have are the wrap-around style with finger grooves.

Enter product number 408-602-014 on their website. These grips are for the P14-45, but the frame is the same size as your P16-40, so they should fit.

Also check brownells for other rubber panel type grips, if you don't like the wrap-around style.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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