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All of the Ruger .45 Colts will handle the heavy loads listed in the manuals just fine. The Blackhawk, Bisley and Vaquero share the same frame with the Super Blackhawks. The only difference is the cylinder, hammer (the Super hammer is wider) and sometimes the grip frame.

I have both a .44 and .45 Blackhawk in stainless with a 5.5" barrel and other than the size of the hole in the barrel and the hammer, they are identical.

The modern .45 L.C. cases are more than ample to handle the higher pressures generated by the modern loads. If you check out the story about the development of the .454 Casull, you will see that Dick Casull started with .45 L.C. cases. The modern .45 L.C. loads are loaded to approx. 25,000 psi, well below the max. pressure of 36,000 psi for the .44 magnum.

Buy one, stay within the published limits and don't worry!
1 - 1 of 52 Posts
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