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Ruger super blackhawk

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Any of ya'll own a new one? I am thinkign about the hunter in stainless with the scope mounts..looks pretty nice, just never knew somebody that owned one.
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What would you like to know...
I have had a Super Black Hawk for a long time.
No complaints no problems.
Accurate out to 75 - 100 yrds.(10 5/8 Bbl)
44 mag. 180 gr.SJ 29gr. of H110.

Hence the name Sniper_44.
The hunter comes with the 7 inch barrel, but I am in love witht hat firearm, damn, I should have been around back in the day when everybody had the cool guns.
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Don't have a Super BlackHawk, but I do own a Super RedHawk with a Leupold 4x EER scope that I am very happy with.
Just so you know open sights are more fun...
and easier to use on moveing targets like deer on the run.
Just my opinion.
I cannot abide the "new action" Rugers. While making it safe to carry a round under the hammer is a worthy endeavor, the new action is annoying in the loading or unloading process.

With the old action, one placed the hammer on half-cock and, as the cylinder was rotated to load or eject empties, as one heard/felt the "click" the chamber was aligned with the loading gate. With the new-fangled action, the hammer is left down and when the "click" is felt, the chamber is not aligned with the gate. Annoying.

I would suggest that anyone contemplating a new action Ruger single-action budget for the gunsmithing needed to add a half-cock notch. Ron Power offers replacement hammers and action parts to accomplish this.

i have a 10.5" bull bbl in sts. buffed it a bit, and it looks great. it is a whole lotta fun.very accurate, obviously, and can handle almost any ammo out there. i jsut bought it so i'd have a single action revolver.and for $300, not a bad price for such a durable 44 mag. i've heard these things can take what rattles a s&w apart. not that that ever happens anyway. thingking of getting a blued one to pair up with the sts. my vote: get one w/ the 10.5" bbl. very cool-looking at the range...not that that's important

Nothing like the smell of Breakfree to make my day complete.
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I had a SS 7.5 New Model I'm still kicking myself in the butt for parting with.I bought it with a scope and rubber Pachmayers.Both went,especially the grips.This is too much power for such a high barrel center.Stay with the smooth grips that let the gun roll in the hand.Forget the Bisley too-just beats the he!! out of you.This is fine for the Casul and larger,but the 44 mag is tamable in the Super Blackhawk,and fun.Even Elmer's favorite Model 29 will beat you up if it doesn't quite fit you.Have fun with it,but take care of it if it's an old flat top (3 screw I believe,but it's screws and not pins).
I had a regular SBH for years, very accurate rugged gun. The Hunter is a very nice upgrade with the interchangeable front sight, a heavier lugged barrel and the integrel rings, my only complaint is I wish they put the Bisley grip on it. If I had the extra scratch I'd have one for hunting. My SBH is gone, now have two custom 5.5" Bisley Vaquaro's to play with, like the grip much better. You can't go wrong with Ruger in my book, tremendous value for the money. Their single action revolvers and a 1911 semi-auto are the only type of hand guns I now own, figure I have the best of both worlds.

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Like Roscoe B. I find the loading gate "misalignment" a pain. However, I live with it and prefer the additional safety aspect in the new models. Never noticed my Bisley Vaquero beating up on me, and the trigger pull is nice and crisp. However, I'm loaded in .45 Colt, not .44 mag.
I must confess I have only shot a Bisley grip once for a few rounds.They were hot 357s,so I assumed (I know) hot 44 Mags would be worse.This thing seemed to hit as hard as factory 44s.I heard the same opinion from a few single action shooters,so I thought my opinion had some basis.Sorry for not actually testing my opinion to prove it.

Speaking of a heavy hitter,this is a cool one.A friend,with the help of another that was a machinist (and worked for Colt years ago building Pythons,etc.),built a wildcat out of a 45-70.He started with a 357 Blackhawk,made a 5 shot cylender and redid the lockwork,cut 8" off his Ruger #3 45-70 (that almost made me sick),threaded it and screwed it in front sight and all.The round was a trimmed 45-70 case shooting a heavy (425gr?,can't remember exactly) bullet.The loaded round took up the full length of the cylender.I don't remember the powder or charge he used,but this thing hit hard at both ends.Two hands with a very braced hold and this thing was coming at you fast,hard and literally was pointing beyond straight up.One cylender full and I was done,but I never saw a bowling pin come off the table and slam the berm so hard and fast in my life.Almost gave me a woody.I asked him what he made it for since target shooting isn't an option and there aren't any really large game animals in S.Florida other than black bear (and they're small down this far).That was it,he was tired of coming up on bears while hiking and wanted more than a 357 or 45LC.I think this might ruin their day.
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As mentioned in previous posts loading and unloading can be somewhat annoying on the New Models but can be corrected which will also allow the cylinder to freewheel clockwise or counter clockwise. If you shoot heavy lead bullets the short cylinder of the Black Hawk or Super Black Hawk can become an issue, and if you shoot heavy lead bullets(300 + grain) at upper power levels the squared trigger guard becomes objectional to many shooters. An option which you may want to look at is the Bisley as it has the rounded trigger guard and some say it manages recoil better. You may want to look at the 45 Colt as it offers several advantages such as a larger frontal area, heavier bullets at higher velocities at much Lower pressures. Hope this helps.
Have a nice evening, Rabon...
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