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Greetings all, hope you're doing well.

In regards to the S.A. 1911 Emissary (9mm w/ 5" bull barrel), would it be possible to install a "supported" reverse plug for the guide rod? The reverse plug that comes with it leaves an open gap that I would like to do without. See pics:
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Font
Auto part Cylinder Font Rectangle Composite material

I ask this b/c the newly released 4.25" 1911 Emissary appears to have a reverse plug that does indeed close up this same gap on it's bull barrel. See pics:
Product Line Font Gun barrel Auto part
Rectangle Font Cylinder Auto part Bumper

As you can see, both of the 5" and 4.25" bull barrels seem to be the same diameter in the 9mm platforms. Same thing for the guide rod opening, in which I'd like to keep for a FLGR (a bit more front end weight).

"Wilson Combat" lists a reverse plug that supports a 5" bull barrel (they have an open end and a closed end version) that looks to fit the bill, but I'd like some feedback & thoughts from you experts and fellow shooters. See pics:
Product Font Rectangle Screenshot Parallel
Automotive tire Camera lens Font Camera accessory Lens

Let me know what you think, and if you may have any additional knowledge and experience on this particular inquiry. Many thanks in advance!

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I've used them with success in a TRP. Some I cut down for smaller for a Detonics so believe that is a part you can substitute.

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