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$350 seems a bit steep for a used 3914 with only one magazine. I'd be willing to bet that he just so happens to have a 3900 series mag, that is just "laying around" that he would be glad to sell you.
As far as an IDPA gun, those pistols are more of a "backup" sized pistol, and you will find yourself facing folks with superior pistols.
On the upside, if you can get past the terrible triggers that S&W installs with pride on all of their semiauto handguns, they are good all-around pistols. I have a 908 (the "economy" version) of the 3914, and am pleased with it preformance thus far. I have about 300 round of various ball ammo through it, and a handfull of Cor-Bons +P+ 115 gr. with no problems what-so-ever.
As far as the CD is concerned, take a close look at it, some come from the factory in better condition than others, and some come out in really crappy condition.
I hope this helps you some.

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