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S&W 3914..... your thoughts?

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I went to all the local gun shops in a 2 hour radius of me, and while in one I came across this...

A used, Smith and Wesson Model 3914. It appears to be well maintained and comes with one magazine. The 'smith is selling it on consignment for $350.

Is it worth purchasing? I am basically trying to find either a 9mm or 1911 that would be a good starter gun and/or possible IDPA gun. Ammo-wise it seems 9mm is the way to go, for now, since it is significantly cheaper (recent college grad, with loans, and lil cash to spair).

I also have the opportunity of purchasing a Charles Daly pre-enhanced MS for $350 factory-reconditioned ("like-new"). I checked out the CD's evaluations, and it seemed split (70% liked em, 30% thought they were junk, etc).

I'd prefer obviously a "non-import" but here in Upstate NY, Springfields (even mil-spec) are fetching close to $500 and well, the 1991A1 Colt was a boggling $800.

Any suggestions?
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