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You did well on the price. I have been shooting mine in weekly bowling pin matches for several months, now and really enjoying it. They were S&W's entry into IPSC shooting back in the 80's. Slide to frame fit is loosey goosey but it shoots quite well. The current mags (with the black plastic base) will work fine if you (per S&W) modify the slide stop to reach into the follower farther for last shot lock-open reliability. Wolff stocks all the springs (these guns were made from '87-'89, so you might consider replacing them). I run my loads slightly below the standard 850 fps for a 230 gr. bullet and use a 16lb recoil spring (factory standard per Wolff is 14 lbs.) Lately I'm being pressured to try some IPSC shooting by some of the Pin guys and maybe I'll give the old 745 a try. Have fun!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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