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I hope this is not a wrongful post and apologize if it is but I looked and can't find the info.

A while I back I PM'd with one of you guys about the S&W Performance Center 627/657/629's, 2 5/8" barrel, full-length ejector rod, unfluted cylinder, hogues, etc. A very rare run modeled after the old "Effector" series from the 80's. I had seen the 657 41 mag version and alerted him to it.

I saw the above mentioned S&W PC 629, 2 5/8" today at a show today for a good price. I have the seller's number but I don't remember the user to whom I was chatting with about it on the forum and I erased some of my archives.:eek: In any case, it's at a show here in Alaska. PM me and I will try to hook you up.

Lots of other nice revolvers there, too.(p&r 629, 28's and some NIB older guns) I bought a 5" 27 no dash LNIB!:rock:

My apologies if I am out of line.

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