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I finally snuck away long enough to pur 100 rounds through my loaded. I had 2 FTFs with Winchester USA 185 grn flat nose out of my 8 round mags. I didn't have any problems when they were loaded with only 7 rounds. My SA blue mags worked flawlessly.

Since I'm an avid sporting clays shooter I had to fight the tendancy to "swing through the target". But by the last 50 rounds I managed to have a 3" hole in the target 2 1/2" to 3" below the X ring. I then changed targets and had my buddy put 2 mags through it. Same thing. A very nice group 2"-3" low.

My Kimber shoots point of aim. Should I send my loaded back to SA for some fixin or should I shoot it a little longer to see if there are any other issues?

My 2001 stainless loaded shot 3" low too. I've only had one other gun shoot low and the sight was fixed by the custom shop. I recently bought a P99 which is a tad high. This is reassuring since I now know it's the SA and not me that's shooting low!!!

Some people say theirs shoot POA so who really knows what's going on. Recently I examined a Kimber Classic Custom Target and I'm regretting ever buying the SA.

I won't sell it since I'll lose lots of money. I send it to Novaks later for dehorning, fix the grip bushing and sight the damn thing in properly with a Gold bead front sight too.

I'm sure SA will fix it for you if you send it in.
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