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SA Ronin 9m target day

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Took it to the range sunday for its 1st use since i got it.I did clean it prior,it was actually really Clean no goop.1st shot was i think spot on.After a good 50 rds and the HP shown below no complaints.It was at 7 yards or more out.Everything trigger,sights,mag just smooth as glass.On ammo I used armscor,federal and magtech 115-124.Thought i would show for anyone considering a Ronin in 9 or 45 and 10.I really enjoyed shooting it.Took my kimber 10mm as well which i posted that.Have a Good Monday gentlemen.


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Pretty typical performance for the Ronin. Mine will shoot this good at 25 yds. I should like to get a .45 ACP someday . Thanks for posting!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts