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I'm looking for a Safariland setup. I'm looking at their double mag paddle and Customfit paddle holster.

My requirements are 1: paddle, 2: leather

How well are their paddles made? THe uncle mikes work fine, but are noisy (Kydex) and the paddle is impossible to take off.

Are their double mag pouches suede lined and leather or are they Kydex?


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The paddle is some kind of hard plastic (maybe kydex?) material laminated by suede. I have the Wilson Adjuster, which is the upscaled version of the Custom Fit (560). It is the most secure paddle holster ever, and easy to put on and take off. I'm not sure if Safariland have suede lined mag pouches. Wilson (again) have kydex pouches that are lined with suede on the inside and shark skin on the outside that may fit your need, I think Safariland make those as well.
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