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I received this email:
V04 Double Action
V03 Tropic
V01 Traditional
V05 Denim
V06 Fleece lined


This sale is limited to those of you who are receiving this email!

Go to www.concealedcarry.com/specials.php

Any item on the 'discontinued' page is yours for only $50 + shipping.

There are limited quantities on the samples and discontinued styles and colors.

Please order right away to get the Vest you want!

This offer does not show up on the website so you must type
SAMPLE SALE in the comments section of the order form so we know
you receive the $50 flat price.

Your invoice will reflect the website price.
We will make the adjustment when we process your order.

Check out the details we build into each Vest like
canvas pocketing to hide print, cross-draw pockets on the inside,
shaped armholes to conceal shoulder holsters,
velcro receiving patches for Internal Pockets and
durable lightweight wash & wear fabric.

Walt and I and the entire CCC staff
want to take this opportunity to thank you for your
support and encouragement and purchases in 2007.

We wish you and yours
A healthy, happy, and SAFE
Holiday season and New Year!

I have never bought from these guys so I cannot comment on the quality, but it appears to be pretty decent stuff.
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